The Memory Puppet Project

Begins Summer 2019!

Part of Arts & AGEing KC's

Dementia Arts Programs

The Memory Puppet Project is an intergenerational art-making project

that culminates in a celebratory performance event and arts exhibit.  It brings youth in the community together with persons with memory loss.


Educational programs are playing a vital role in changing misperceptions and misunderstandings about Alzheimer’s.  Most programs come from a social services perspective and focus on educating adults.  There is a need for programming that intentionally involves youth and persons with dementia and memory loss.  Few programs employ the arts.  Research from the National Center for Creative Aging indicates that there are no creative aging arts programs focused specifically on puppetry to educate young people about dementia and immerse them in arts experiences alongside persons with memory loss.


Research in the field of creative aging is rapidly proving that arts-focused programming has the potential to impact change in a community by breaking down barriers, building relationships, and dismantling misperceptions.  Findings confirm that these programs not only enhance the quality of life for persons with dementia, but also improve life experiences for others involved.  Most recently with exciting new research emerging, there is documentation to support the fact that the most powerful arts programs for older adults with dementia are intergenerational.  These programs bring youth together with persons living with Alzheimer’s and facilitates collaborative art-making.


The Memory Puppet Project is a pilot project launched in the Greater Kansas City area.  It is a uniquely designed project and the first of its kind.  Arts & AGEing KC partnered with Flying Heart Theatre and Puppetry Arts Institute,


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