Arts & AGEing KC is a 501C3 nonprofit, community arts organization serving as a connector, convener, and catalyst for enriching lives through creative aging.  We partner with community organizations to remove barriers for accessing professionally led, participatory arts programs that give voice to experiences of older adults and inspire connection across generations through shared life stories.



We envision people of all ages flourishing across the lifespan and actively participating in a vibrant community through meaningful engagement with the arts.



  • Provide advocacy for arts across the lifespan, lifelong learning, arts in medicine, and creative aging programs that promote health and wellness.

  • Raise awareness and understanding as to the benefits of creative aging programs.

  • Promote and facilitate the body of research supporting best practices.

  • Educate funders on the impact of creative aging programs.

  • Provide opportunities for partnerships and collaboration that brings stakeholders from different sectors together and creates synergy.

  • Align strategies with other creative aging initiatives at the local, state, national and international level.

  • Participate in robust efforts to build communities for all ages, age-inclusive and dementia-friendly.

  • Join growing network of innovative leaders in the field of creative aging in collaboration with the National Center for Creative Aging, National Endowment for the Arts, Aroha Philanthropies, Generations United,   and others.

  • Dispel myths and stereotypes around aging as deficit and loss and raise consciousness about ageism.


  • We nurture intentional participation in professionally led, participatory arts programs across the lifespan.

  • We assist in overcoming barriers so that arts are accessible for all.

  • We developed a cohesive network of diverse community stakeholders

  • We developed a Creative AGEing Cooperative for individuals, groups and community organization and Teaching Artists Collective, a cadre of Teaching Artists trained as Creative AGEing specialists

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Arts & AGEing KC is a 501(c)3 organization.

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